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By Komal Jain On 11 Apr, 2014 At 04:28 PM | Categorized As Far-Out | With 0 Comments

Do you have Vertigo or Acrophobia? Do you get dizzy and nauseous when you look down from tall buildings? Then this certainly is not your cup of tea! Zumanjaro – Drop of Doom will become the biggest drop ride on this planet, with a fall height of 415ft!   The ride is located in the [...]

By Nishi Jain On 6 Mar, 2014 At 05:51 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments
Take a deep breath and jump!

 Daredevils have one more reason to pack their bags and jump with joy. The world’s highest zip wire line has now opened above France’s celebrated ski resort, Val Thorens. The line is located at a height of almost 3200 m (gulp!) above sea level and is a mile long. Named as La Tyrolienne, the mega [...]

By Nishi Jain On 20 Dec, 2013 At 05:36 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments

Warning: Those with a fear of heights, vertigo issues, and general weak-heartedness might want to stay away. A glass cube has been suspended from a peak high up in the Alps for visitors to enjoy a stunning view of the mountains below. It is being claimed as the highest tourist attraction in Europe. “Step into [...]

By Nishi Jain On 26 Nov, 2013 At 06:24 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments

And this is how all science fiction movies start. A catastrophic explosion and then a jaw-dropping consequence. In Fantastic Four, a supernova  mutates four people and makes them superheroes. This time it is Japan where a new island has emerged from the sea. An underwater volcanic eruption around the (in)famous Ring of Fire resulted in [...]

By Meghna On 18 Nov, 2013 At 01:12 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments
Mirror mirror on the wall

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a room full of mirrors? The Kiss Room in Paris sets out to deliver that very experience, with a thousand mirrors that cover the space from floor to ceiling! Within the 12 square metres of this room, visitors can encounter a thousand reflections in all [...]

By Meghna On 15 Nov, 2013 At 12:54 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments

Any love-struck Romeo out to tell the girl of his dreams that she is the eighth wonder of the wonder should now recalculate his claim, for Chile’s magnificent national park Torres del Paine has been voted as the eighth wonder of the world by 5 million visitors on VirtualTourist! A popular destination among adventure-seekers, Torres [...]

By Nishi Jain On 14 Nov, 2013 At 01:17 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, Far-Out, India | With 0 Comments

Rupee, a homeless canine, has become the first dog officially recorded at the Mount Everest base camp. The brave dog had been rescued by Joanne Lefson from a dump in Ladakh. And he thanked her by accompanying her to the top of the peak, 17000 feet above sea level months after the rescue. The next [...]

By Nishi Jain On 13 Nov, 2013 At 05:09 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments
Sun, Sea, Solitude

Are you bored of hotel rooms? If you are on a holiday, why should your hotel room make you feel like you are returning to a boarding school every evening? Okay it is posh, okay it is spotlessly clean. What else? We want more. The tourism industry doesn’t tire of coming up with newer ways [...]

By Nishi Jain On 24 Oct, 2013 At 04:05 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
The helium balloon, the parachute, and then you!

And I fall into nothing Forever jaded And I hold onto nothingness Dissolving my senses                                                           —Into Eternity Get ready for a truly out of the world experience. World View, an Arizona-based space tourism company, will soon [...]

stand up

Richard Branson is always in the news. What to do…he is so full of surprises. The man is a magnet for everything hot and happening. So your flights have always been oh-so-boring. The same old movies being played on the mini screen, your much abused playlist buzzing on your headphones, an occasional announcement jolting you [...]