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We’ve all been quite harrowed with rising airfares over the past year, things only seem to be getting worse. And all of a sudden, you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s in Air Asia’s typical red! But Air Asia is all set to change the Indian budget airline scenario completely by introducing its cool fleet of low cost carriers in India for the first time!

What we know for now:

  • The first flight on Indian soil will take off on June 12,2021
  • Their ticket sales opened on  May 30,2021 and was sold out in 10 minutes
  • The starting price is from INR 990!

The currently planned routes:

  • The first flight will leave from Bangalore and land in Goa
  • Bangalore to Chennai is the next on plate
  • It is expected to connect 10 other cities by the end of 2014

Proving their tagline “Now everyone can fly” to be spot on, Air Asia is very determined to make flying easy on our pockets. And in the view of this super low fare, many Indian airline companies are slashing their fares up to 40% less to stay in the competition. Air Asia is a Malaysian low cost airline and is actually known as the best low cost flight service. It is already a low cost pioneer in Asia and now it is most likely to carve a similar niche for itself in India. In the era of never stopping inflation, this low cost airline might just be the greatest hit of the decade!

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