March, 2014

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The European theme park at Port Aventura Resort

Luxury car giant Ferrari will soon be opening its first ever theme park near Barcelona. Sounding as fancy and bold as its logo, this European them park will be all red and huge, like the brand itself. The park is being built with a whooping budget of 100 Million Euro and it will be one-third [...]

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All aboard for the most exquisite train journey!

It is being hyped as the ultimate journey on a train ever, the epic 53 day long world tour on some of the world’s most iconic and luxurious trains! New York to Ulaanbaatar, London to Moscow, travel amidst some of the prettiest scenic spots and intake every ounce of beauty along the way. On days [...]

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  Is your name Rahul? Or Simran or Pooja or Rohit or Vijay? If yes, then Virgin Atlantic will give you a discounted ticket on their plane. This is part of Virgin Atlantic’s “Feel like a Star’ campaign in which they are offering discounted tickets to all the Rahuls, Simrans, Vijays and Poojas, and many [...]

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Five years from today you will have another reason to travel to MATHURA! Not only pilgrims, tourists from all over the world will flock to come see the tallest temple in the world. Yes, the famous International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has laid the foundation stone for a 700 ft temple. The temple will [...]

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These guys are really serious about going 'International'

Parading the streets during the Mardi Gras festival and nowhere to pee? The gods of “crapitalists” can make life easier for the desperate! Two New Orleanians have developed a web-based application called Airpnp similar to the popular holiday rental website Airbnb. Instead of renting cozy accommodation, people can rent out their lavatories.   The quirky [...]

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Gearing up to climb the world’s highest mountain peak? You will now have to prepare for more than just the climbing and surviving the cold. The government of the Himalayan nation has decided to clean up Mount Everest, every climber will have to collect trash along his/her way on an expedition. Decades of mountaineering have [...]

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Take a deep breath and jump!

 Daredevils have one more reason to pack their bags and jump with joy. The world’s highest zip wire line has now opened above France’s celebrated ski resort, Val Thorens. The line is located at a height of almost 3200 m (gulp!) above sea level and is a mile long. Named as La Tyrolienne, the mega [...]

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A cruise through the mighty Ganges while viewing the breathtaking historic East Indian architecture sounds so cool in the head! Well this is not just a far-fetched thought anymore. Tourists will soon get a chance to sail through the river Ganga and get a glimpse of remote historic and scenic spots in the city of [...]