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By Nishi Jain On 25 Mar, 2014 At 01:11 PM | Categorized As Celeb Spotting, Getting Around, India | With 0 Comments

  Is your name Rahul? Or Simran or Pooja or Rohit or Vijay? If yes, then Virgin Atlantic will give you a discounted ticket on their plane. This is part of Virgin Atlantic’s “Feel like a Star’ campaign in which they are offering discounted tickets to all the Rahuls, Simrans, Vijays and Poojas, and many [...]

By Komal Jain On 29 Jan, 2014 At 02:40 PM | Categorized As Celeb Spotting, International | With 0 Comments
A graphical representation of the soon-to-open Diagon Alley

Being a potter maniac, didn’t you always want to drink the butter beer, take a ride on the Hogwarts’ Express, and have your own vault full of gold at the Gringotts’ Bank? Muggles! All this is about to be true. You all have been accepted at the Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Come summer [...]

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“Please fasten your seat belts and switch off your mobile phones.” What do you usually do when the air hostess is carrying out this boring safety instructions drill before the flight? You fancy the air hostess doing a Beyonce as she toys with the seat belt? You try to spot a hot-looking dude or dudette [...]

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This sounds like Charlie setting up his chocolate factory! Jackie Chan is gearing up to further delight us all. The Chinese actor has announced that soon he’d be opening a grand theme park in Beijing, China. Titled “JC World”, the park will showcase, in Chan’s words, “all my stuff” (Er…we really don’t want to read [...]

By Shivangi On 13 Sep, 2013 At 05:21 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, Celeb Spotting, India | With 0 Comments
kidzania kids

A simulated city with real-world establishments like banks and universities, with role playing options like pilot and policeman. This one’s for the kids, the parents sit this one out. The indoor park has opened on the 3rd floor of R City Mall, Ghatkopar West. It is a city built to scale for children, complete with [...]

stand up

Richard Branson is always in the news. What to do…he is so full of surprises. The man is a magnet for everything hot and happening. So your flights have always been oh-so-boring. The same old movies being played on the mini screen, your much abused playlist buzzing on your headphones, an occasional announcement jolting you [...]

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  Yes, this is Richard Branson you see in the red skirt, high heels, and black net stockings. How far can you go to honour a bet? Propose a girl, fight with a random guy, act like a lunatic in public? No matter how much courage you might lay claim to, you cannot beat Richard [...]

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You couldn’t get enough of the peppy tunes in Mamma Mia? You liked a little jig now and then, swaying to ‘Dancing Queen’ in your billowy bell bottoms. You miss the darlings of 70s’ pop music scene—the ABBA. They are back and with a bang! No, they are not releasing another album. It’s something even better. Come [...]

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We’ve heard Gangnam style, weve seen Gangnam style, hey, we’ve done the Gangnam style. It was the first video to exceed one billion hits on YouTube. But what the hell does it actually mean? Who or what or where is Gangnam?? Gangnam is one of Seouls’ most affluent districts and is the birthplace and home [...]

By Nishi Jain On 23 Apr, 2013 At 01:30 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, Celeb Spotting, India | With 0 Comments

Is there anyone who hasn’t ever said to a friend “Yeh haath mujhe de de, Thakur” in mock Gabbar style? Or “Kutte, kamine! Main tera khoon pee jaaonga!”? Or “Jaani, yeh chaaku hai…”? Or or… “Khamosh!”? If you fall in the category, you are either lying (and a black crow will peck at you by [...]