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Air Asia

We’ve all been quite harrowed with rising airfares over the past year, things only seem to be getting worse. And all of a sudden, you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s in Air Asia’s typical red! But Air Asia is all set to change the Indian budget airline scenario completely by [...]

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Getting here would not be difficult now

They say that for every person who breaks your heart, there’s another waiting to fix it. Being the travel junkies that we are, we found new meaning in these words – for every country that rejects your visa on grounds ranging from vague to downright offensive, there’s a country kind enough to offer you a [...]

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Flight prices are always high during the festive season, making money off people’s sentimentalities of spending the holidays with family and friends. Same goes for spiked up hotel prices when an event or festival is happening nearby. Our very own Goa gets expensive in December with Sunburn and Christmas-New Year break, so one can only [...]

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The dream job for all couch potatoes is here! And the company offering it would add star value to your CV. This is no daydream. NASA really is offering to pay you a fortune for literally staying in bed all day long for its “Bed Rest Study” programme. And guess what, you can watch TV, [...]

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jab we met

If you are a Windows 8 user, booking train tickets just became cakewalk[1] for you. IRCTC, always so concerned about the Indian passenger, has introduced a new booking app for Windows 8. The e-ticketing service which is available on their website will now be available to all users of Windows phone and Windows 8 devices. [...]

flying nanny

Accept it or not, managing babies is the hardest and most taxing thing to do. And it can get most intolerable when it’s on a 10-hour long flight, which is why the thoughtful Etihad Airways has introduced the Flying Nanny on board its long haul flights. Now I will not crack a lame joke on [...]

stand up

Richard Branson is always in the news. What to do…he is so full of surprises. The man is a magnet for everything hot and happening. So your flights have always been oh-so-boring. The same old movies being played on the mini screen, your much abused playlist buzzing on your headphones, an occasional announcement jolting you [...]

Ratnesh's mother ecstatic on seeing him.

Young middle class boy studies hard for IIT. Clears it, becomes a top class engineer. Bags a star job in Amreeka (America) and flies across the seven seas. But he misses his mom. His misses the aloo parathas she used to cook for him. His mom misses her darling beta even more. Story of many [...]

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GB cover

Hollywood is most popular in the area of making millions off of the birth of a celebrity baby. But George Alexander Louis is not just celebrity, he enjoys royal status. And it’s not his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but rather the British Tourism Ministry that’s cashing in on this royal birth. The [...]


You are travelling solo. You are all excited. But you are shit worried about the accommodation costs. You have browsed through all the couchsurfing forums—no one is ready to play host. Or the ones who are already have too many guests. You will have to stay in a hotel throughout your stay. Budget shaken? There’s [...]