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By Shivangi On 24 Jul, 2014 At 05:35 PM | Categorized As Getting Around, India, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
WoNoBo App

You have two free days left on your itinerary and can’t decide which city to visit – Madras, Bangalore or Hyderabad. What if you could take a virtual 360 degree walking tour of the city, wouldn’t that make your decision so much easier? Well, now you can! And all you have to do is download [...]

By Shivangi On 17 Jul, 2014 At 12:56 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, International, The Business of Travel | With 0 Comments

…according to surveys conducted across 19 million travelers from more than 160 countries. These surveys are conducted annually by Skytrax, a non-partisan U.K. based research firm and covered 245 airlines worldwide. Cathay Pacific climbed up from sixth place last year to displace 2013’s winner, Emirates. With this win, they’ve set a new record becoming the [...]

By Shivangi On 10 Jul, 2014 At 05:20 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, India, Need to Know | With 0 Comments
Delhi monuments

There are around 158 historical monuments in Delhi by the Archaeological Survey of India. The Problem As a visitor or tourist in the city, you have limited time and life would be so much easier if you had all the information on your fingertips. Guide books can only give that much practical info and can [...]

By Shivangi On 25 Jun, 2014 At 05:30 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International, The Business of Travel | With 0 Comments
Finnair sauna

Finnair has most definitely upped the ante with their latest lounge addition. In a first of its kind move, they announced the opening of their new Premium Lounge on July 1 this year. The best part, there’s a sauna! There’s one sauna for every three people in Finland; incorporating a traditional unisex sauna into their [...]

By Shivangi On 5 Jun, 2014 At 07:38 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
brazil cove

So you’ve been talking about it forever and you tried making plans but nothing really worked out? Well, that’s ok, it’s happened to a lot of us and besides, it’s probably better this way. Who wants to be stampeded in the crowds and get cursed by the Brazilians, who apparently aren’t very pleased with the [...]

By Shivangi On 14 May, 2014 At 05:30 PM | Categorized As International, Need to Know, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments

Imagine no street lights at night! Instant images of gory car crashes coming to mind? Think positive – just imagine all the energy that would be saved. What are we talking about? A first of its kind glow-in-the-dark smart highway spanning 500 meters that requires no street lights. This is the first time that the [...]

By Shivangi On 22 Oct, 2013 At 04:28 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, International, Need to Know | With 0 Comments
"The remote controlled Tourists"

You can try on a shoe for size before buying it. You can try a dress on to see how well it fits before you buy it. You can even live with your partner for a trial run before you actually take the plunge. But it’s impossible to test a city before you visit it, [...]

By Shivangi On 19 Oct, 2013 At 12:58 PM | Categorized As International, The Business of Travel | With 0 Comments

Flight prices are always high during the festive season, making money off people’s sentimentalities of spending the holidays with family and friends. Same goes for spiked up hotel prices when an event or festival is happening nearby. Our very own Goa gets expensive in December with Sunburn and Christmas-New Year break, so one can only [...]

By Shivangi On 15 Oct, 2013 At 05:57 PM | Categorized As India, Need to Know | With 0 Comments
This could very well be you !!

Yes we are talking about the father of our nation, the Mahatma, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. An innovative travel experience where you can live the life of Gandhi for the duration of your holiday. This is the latest from Maroon Migrates, in association with Gujarat Vidyapith. Aptly called ‘Live Gandhi for a while’, this novel offering [...]

By Shivangi On 11 Oct, 2013 At 01:00 PM | Categorized As India, International, Need to Know | With 0 Comments

It’s a well known fact Indian tourism has been heavily affected since December last year for obvious reasons. There have always been stray instances of women, Indian and foreign, but this one really took the issue global. What did we do? The Tourism Ministry made badges that said, “I am Indian. I respect women.” That [...]