‘Live Gandhi for a while’ – the latest in Sustainable Tourism
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Yes we are talking about the father of our nation, the Mahatma, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

An innovative travel experience where you can live the life of Gandhi for the duration of your holiday.

This could very well be you !!

This is the latest from Maroon Migrates, in association with Gujarat Vidyapith. Aptly called ‘Live Gandhi for a while’, this novel offering will bring you to the shores of Kochrab Ashram in Gujarat, established by Mahatma Gandhi and currently managed by the educational institution Gujarat Vidyapith.

What does it include?

-          Stay at Kochrab Ashram

-          Follow all rules of the ashram as established by Mahatma Gandhi

-          Take the Vrats (Vows) of Satya (Truth), Brahmacharya (Chastity), Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Shram (Physical Labour)

-          Enact quintessentially Gandhian activities like spinning the wheel and correspondence

-          Community visits

-          Cooking simple local fare

-          Wear clothes made of Khadi throughout

The objective of this program is to allow people to explore various ways of incorporating a sustainable lifestyle back home, enjoy the simplicity of Gandhi, experience the virtues of Mahatma. If your time spent here has the power to enable the slightest of lifestyle changes in your daily life, it’s a success; maybe you’ll wear more khadi or eat less meat!

“We hope to change the perceptions of the traveler towards life, society and our natural resources. This might also help him find peace and satisfaction within.”

“We believe, Mahatma Gandhi was probably the first ‘responsible traveller’ who travelled across the country, connected with many communities, walked down many villages, stayed in their homes, tried helping them, solving their problems and also with a minimal impact on the environment. That’s what Responsible Tourism is all about.”

Nischalavalamb Barot, Founder, Maroon Migrates

Maroon Migrates is a company that promotes environmentally sustainable lifestyles through tourism. Nischalavalamb Barot holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Science, he went back home to the villages of Gujarat after eight years and decided to make a difference. Currently based out of Gujarat, they identify local activities and convert them into a sustainable tourism product beneficial to all involved.


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