February, 2013

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Remember all those times you wanted to take a swim, be enveloped by the waves, dive into the perfectly still water; and the water was just a little bit too cold? Well, now you can brave the chilly sea breeze and the ice cold water. The world’s first and only ‘Hot Tub Boat’ is here [...]

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india tourism

If the latest projections of the Ministry of Tourism are to be trusted, the south of India is all set to give the North a run for its money – both rupees and dollars – when it comes to tourist arrivals. A study, whose findings were recently released, claims that the South will surpass the [...]

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Katra rail cover

According to industry estimates, about 20,000-25,000 people visit Katra every day. By mid-2013, this popular destination near the Vaishno Devi temple, is set to become accessible by rail. At present, the nearest railhead is Jammu, two hours away by road along the hills. The train journey will be comparatively more comfortable, cheaper and picturesque; though [...]

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More than 120 varieties of roses grow at the gardens

With spring already on its way in, Delhi is all set for an event that has become synonymous with this changing of the seasons in the city. Mughal Gardens, the beautifully designed gardens of the Rashtrapati Bhavan are being thrown open to the public, starting tomorrow, February 15, 2013. Christened ‘Udyanotsav’, the event is an [...]

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Harry Potter is all set to hit the high seas, are you ? Say “Alohomora” and open the doors to a magical four-night Harry Potter themed cruise, complete with robes and wands, hosted by Whimsic Alley in association with Princess Cruises. The cruise, on board the Golden Princess, includes endless themed activities and events throughout [...]

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sleeping around

It’s not exactly what comes to mind when you mention the word ‘recycle’, but a company in Belgium has taken the idea to a whole new level by reusing shipping containers and converting them into compact yet swish hotel rooms. The containers used are those which have been abandoned in ports by cargo ships, as [...]

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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

“If you have ever learned some poems, they will come in very handy if ever you are imprisoned,”    - Aung San Suu Kyi For a country not known for welcoming either outsiders or debate, hosting a literary festival is an exciting event. Even the great classics are censored when they do mange to make their [...]

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The galley surrounded by torch-bearing Vikings

It’s a scene right out of the Middle Ages, as hordes of Vikings, wielding battle axes and shields, set fire to a galley ship and watch it go up roaring in flames with a wild delight. You’ll be surprised then to hear that all of this took place just three days back, on Tuesday, January [...]

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Pink stilettos, pink tutu, pink bustier, pink bag, pink accessories…remind you of someone? Well, it’s a certain someone called Barbie. Now think pink bar tables that look like stiletto heels, pink chair backs that resemble bustiers, some with a pink tutu, and pink chandeliers shaped like elegant teapots with teacups and saucers…Welcome to the first [...]