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By Aashima On 8 May, 2013 At 04:08 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments

You and your luggage would no longer have to sprawl all over the airport floor, on those long, unending layovers, if you happen to be at Abu Dhabi Airport at least. The airport has installed, what are referred to as ‘sleeping pods’ in two of its terminals, where bleary-eyed travellers and lie back and snooze [...]

By Aashima On 1 May, 2013 At 07:53 PM | Categorized As India, Mixed Bag | With 0 Comments
A queue of vehicles waiting along the Andaman Trunk Road

Following the furore that was caused last year, when a British journalist captured on video one of the so-called ‘human safaris’ that have been known to take place in the Andaman Islands, the Supreme Court of India, on January 21, 2013, banned all tourists from travelling along the Andaman Trunk Road. The Andaman Trunk Road [...]

By Aashima On 17 Apr, 2013 At 07:54 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments

Already home to the world’s first undersea restaurant, Mauritius has now staked claim to being the location of the very first underwater spa in the world too. The spa, called LIME, is to be found at Huvafen Fushi, a super-exclusive and super-swish resort situated in the North Malé atoll of the Maldives islands. Reached via [...]

By Aashima On 10 Apr, 2013 At 06:32 PM | Categorized As International, The Business of Travel | With 0 Comments
china passport

If you happen to work at a New York hotel or drive a taxi around the streets of Paris, it’s time you learnt your ‘Ni hao’ and ‘Xie xie’; the Chinese are not just on their way, they have arrived. Overtaking the Germans when it comes to holidaying abroad, the Chinese have become the biggest [...]

By Aashima On 3 Apr, 2013 At 05:35 PM | Categorized As International, Need to Know | With 0 Comments
Kids watch the manatees swim inside the Amazon Flooded Forest

Opening its gates today, to troops of excited school children, and equally eager older folks, the river-themed zoo, River Safari, is all set to become an absolute must-do for all who travel to Singapore. Even as it was unveiled, the wildlife park has found its way into the record books as it features the Amazon [...]

By Aashima On 20 Mar, 2013 At 05:48 PM | Categorized As International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
Aconcagua is the highest peak in both the western and southern hemispheres

If you’ve spent hours walking the little Street View man around your neighbourhood and think that the zoomed-in view of your apartment block is the coolest bit about Google Maps, then this bit of news is just for you.  After allowing people to explore digitally such sites as the Grand Canyon and the Amazon rainforest, [...]

By Aashima On 6 Mar, 2013 At 07:08 AM | Categorized As International, Mixed Bag | With 0 Comments
A view of Prime 68, the hotel's elegant steakhouse

If you’ve always wanted that top-of-the-world feeling, but cannot count on yourself for making it to the summit of Mount Everest, then this is probably the closest you’ll ever get to that…altitude. Obsessed with the ‘largest’, ‘highest’ and other absolutes, Dubai has now gained another one of them. The glitzy city is now home to the tallest [...]

By Aashima On 21 Feb, 2013 At 07:30 PM | Categorized As India, The Business of Travel | With 0 Comments
india tourism

If the latest projections of the Ministry of Tourism are to be trusted, the south of India is all set to give the North a run for its money – both rupees and dollars – when it comes to tourist arrivals. A study, whose findings were recently released, claims that the South will surpass the [...]

By Aashima On 14 Feb, 2013 At 07:02 PM | Categorized As India, Mixed Bag | With 0 Comments
More than 120 varieties of roses grow at the gardens

With spring already on its way in, Delhi is all set for an event that has become synonymous with this changing of the seasons in the city. Mughal Gardens, the beautifully designed gardens of the Rashtrapati Bhavan are being thrown open to the public, starting tomorrow, February 15, 2013. Christened ‘Udyanotsav’, the event is an [...]

By Aashima On 7 Feb, 2013 At 07:35 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International | With 0 Comments
sleeping around

It’s not exactly what comes to mind when you mention the word ‘recycle’, but a company in Belgium has taken the idea to a whole new level by reusing shipping containers and converting them into compact yet swish hotel rooms. The containers used are those which have been abandoned in ports by cargo ships, as [...]