Maldives, now home to the world’s first underwater spa
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Already home to the world’s first undersea restaurant, Mauritius has now staked claim to being the location of the very first underwater spa in the world too. The spa, called LIME, is to be found at Huvafen Fushi, a super-exclusive and super-swish resort situated in the North Malé atoll of the Maldives islands.

Reached via a 30-minute ride on a speedboat from the Malé International Airport or a 15-minute flight on a seaplane (yeah, that swish), the resort comprises a lone island and 44 ‘naturally-modern’ bungalows.

But the real draw at the resort is the spa and its underwater treatment rooms, where all that separates you from the big blue ocean is a see-through wall of resin. A good five inches thick, the resin wall, the hotel says, “provides infinitely better clarity than the cheaper option of laminated glass.” Constructed over a year, the undersea structure has been designed to cause the lowest possible interference in the area’s ecosystem.

The spa has also added several new treatments to its menu, with such quirky names as ‘Lose It, Tone It’ and ‘Cellulite Therapy’. Although it will be difficult, we think you’ll need to keep your eyes open during this massage or you’ll miss the funny clownfish and not-so-funny stingrays who decide to swim by.

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