June, 2012

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If you have an embarrassing ‘toilet memory’ about your last visit to Goa, where you cleaned your bowel at a beach: a)      by ducking behind a rock, b)      in the open at a remote corner of the beach, c)      by making a dash for the nearest eatery/club and being lucky enough to find [...]

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Workers unfurl the American flag from the beam

In true patriotic spirit, hundreds of New-Yorkers gathered at the site of the Four World Trade Center to witness the final steel beam being mounted atop the architectural marvel. The tower is the fourth among the five planned towers of the New World Trade Center and will be the second to reach completion. Famous RnB [...]

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Jumeirah Vittaveli – A Maldivian luxury Resort

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan took a family trip to the Maldives this month to explore the beautiful white beaches and sparkling waters of the island nation. A huge fan of open spaces and beaches, he is not the only celebrity who prefers this piece of paradise for holidaying. Madhuri Dixit has visited the place in [...]

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Agent Ethan Hunt conquering the Burj Khalifa

Tom Cruise will be in for a shock when he discovers that the world’s tallest building that he conquered in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol might be dethroned by 2013. China’s Sky City One plans to dwarf the UAE’s Burj Khalifa by ten meters. The tower will be built in Changsha, a relatively lesser known [...]

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The vibrance of Kotagiri’s landscape

The state of Tamil Nadu will soon introduce an eco-package tour to the Nilgiris, which are known for being a hotbed of biodiversity and a trekker’s paradise. This package will be quite different from the usual conducted tours that already exist in the region. This programme will be centred around Kotagiri and will include bird-watching and [...]

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If you’ve ever visited a monument in Delhi, you’ll be familiar with the practice of maintaining different ‘areas’. There are areas open to tourists, there are areas for vendors, and there are restricted areas; but what about the ‘stinking’ areas? Maybe these give us the privilege to smell the garbage from the Mughal Era, rotting [...]

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rafting goa

If you thought the water sports scene in Goa could not get any better, you’ve been proven wrong! This paradise for water lovers shall soon have white water rafting on the Mandovi River in the Mhadei Sanctuary. Adventure enthusiasts visiting the wildlife park will now have another possible addiction thrown in their path. Rafting is [...]

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The Path to Amarnath

The Amarnath Yatra undertaken every year by thousands of devotees started yesterday. The first batch of devotees made their way to Kashmir’s western Himalayas on Monday for darshan at the cave which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Legend reveals that this holy cave is the site where Shiva explained the mysteries of life and eternity [...]

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One of Pamplona’s most popular trends has been brought to an end with the city council launching a campaign to discourage people from fuenting. No, ‘fuenting’ is not a particularly offensive cuss word or a deadly engagement in mortal combat. It is the act of climbing up the Navarrería fountain and jumping off it during [...]

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solang valley

An earnest skier is known to wait longingly for the winter snowfall in order to indulge in his favourite activity. Himachal tourism now offers solace to all such souls with the introduction of grass skiing at Solang valley in the Western Himalayas. A popular endeavor in Europe, Himachal Pradesh Is the first state in India [...]