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By Meghna On 30 Jan, 2014 At 02:27 PM | Categorized As Fests and Celebrations, International | With 0 Comments

What all can you do with ice? Can you make it sing? Can you make music instruments out of it? Tim Linheart has done just that. He founded the Ice Music Project 15 years ago, and since then the sleepy, snowy town of Luleå, in Sweden, has been the site of  his incredible ice orchestra [...]

By Meghna On 17 Jan, 2014 At 06:25 PM | Categorized As International, The Business of Travel | With 0 Comments
Getting here would not be difficult now

They say that for every person who breaks your heart, there’s another waiting to fix it. Being the travel junkies that we are, we found new meaning in these words – for every country that rejects your visa on grounds ranging from vague to downright offensive, there’s a country kind enough to offer you a [...]

By Meghna On 2 Jan, 2014 At 03:45 PM | Categorized As International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
self boarding

How many times have you found yourself standing in line at the airport, waiting to board your flight as you witness the usual cutting-the-queue antics of first-timers, encounter  ‘accidental’ nudges from the greasy-looking man standing behind you or develop a pressure to pee for the 17th time when you had just taken a leak? Singapore’s [...]

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A graphic representation of the theme park, released by 20th Century Fox.

“Just once, I want my life to be like an 80s movies.” said Emma Stone in the movie Easy A. Or nineties. Or the 2000s. We all have our favourites, don’t we? We’re all guilty of having fantasized about what life would be like if it played out like the movies that we love so much. [...]

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Best flight ever

Look, even if you thump your chest and tell us gruffly about how you never really wanted to fly in the sky like the old man in Disney’s Up, we will not believe you. Because let’s face it, it will be a blatant lie. Why would anyone say no to sailing in the wide blue [...]

By Meghna On 12 Dec, 2013 At 05:47 PM | Categorized As International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
ecig hearthrow

If you did your bit of good for the world’s ecology by switching to e-cigarettes, London’s Heathrow airport is all set to acknowledge that effort with the opening of the world’s first e-cigarette lounge inside Terminal 4. This zone is a special place for smokers who choose to soothe their nicotine cravings the eco-friendly way, [...]

By Meghna On 10 Dec, 2013 At 11:21 AM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, India | With 0 Comments

For all those who didn’t blink an eye before adding ‘skydiving’ to their bucket list after gaping at the three hotties from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, here’s some respite. You don’t have to wait to make that special trip to Spain to cross this item off your list! The Baramati Skydiving Festival in Maharashtra is [...]

By Meghna On 6 Dec, 2013 At 02:33 PM | Categorized As International | With 0 Comments

So you’re a Batman fan. Aren’t we all? So you have the usual Batman mask, perhaps a cape, or a pair of socks with the logo on it. Don’t we all?  Those amongst us with more adventurous tendencies may even have slyly painted ‘The Bat’ on the back of their good old Maruti 800. A [...]

By Meghna On 5 Dec, 2013 At 03:40 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, India | With 0 Comments
marina lighthouse

Chennai’s Marina beach has always been a favoured spot for those seeking to embrace the tranquil side of the city. This sandy stretch of serenity can now be seen in all its panoramic glory with the re-opening of the lighthouse on Marina beach after nearly 20 years. Imbibing every notion of the idea of the [...]

By Meghna On 2 Dec, 2013 At 11:11 AM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
The Tour Builder homepage

Storytellers always have the world at their feet, ready to be molded and carved as their imagination dictates. Google Earth has taken this idea a bit too seriously (and delightfully so!) with the release of the Tour Builder maps feature, which allows users to drop markers across the world map and put in their stories [...]