‘Twentieth Century Fox World’ Theme Park to Open in Malaysia!
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A graphic representation of the theme park, released by 20th Century Fox.

“Just once, I want my life to be like an 80s movies.” said Emma Stone in the movie Easy A.

Or nineties. Or the 2000s. We all have our favourites, don’t we? We’re all guilty of having fantasized about what life would be like if it played out like the movies that we love so much. But what if you were to find out that you really could get a life in Technicolor experience, just like you see on the big screen, albeit for a day and not a lifetime!

The soon to be opened Twentieth Century Fox World in Malaysia promises to bring to the world this very experience, with rides and attractions all inspired from Fox films like Ice Age, Rio, Planet of the Apes, Night at the Museum and Aliens vs. Predators! This venture claims to offer an exceptional entertainment experience, for kids and adults alike!

Spread out over an area of 25 acres, this amusement park will offers over 25 extraordinary rides. Twentieth Century Fox has released a logo of the park and also an elaborate design of what the park will look like. The choice of Malaysia for the site of this project is a result of the booming theme park business the country has experienced in recent times.

Interestingly, in a rather exciting ceremony, the Prime Minister of Malaysia pushed a giant acorn into an artificial glacier to herald the start of construction, much to the delight of all Ice Age fans!

When does it open: In 2016

Where exactly its it located: At the Resorts World Genting complex, which is about an hour from Kuala Lumpur.

So let’s rub our hands together in glee and wait for the magic to unfold!


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