April, 2013

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You couldn’t get enough of the peppy tunes in Mamma Mia? You liked a little jig now and then, swaying to ‘Dancing Queen’ in your billowy bell bottoms. You miss the darlings of 70s’ pop music scene—the ABBA. They are back and with a bang! No, they are not releasing another album. It’s something even better. Come [...]

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We’ve heard Gangnam style, weve seen Gangnam style, hey, we’ve done the Gangnam style. It was the first video to exceed one billion hits on YouTube. But what the hell does it actually mean? Who or what or where is Gangnam?? Gangnam is one of Seouls’ most affluent districts and is the birthplace and home [...]

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In-flight entertainment at its best!

Research (read Common Sense) suggests that any normal human being would prefer a good looking, pleasant smelling, well-spoken seat neighbor on a flight as compared to the obnoxious, over-sized, weird smelling dude who just won’t shut up! Reality suggests that more often than not, you get stuck with the fat dude (unless, of course, you [...]

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Is there anyone who hasn’t ever said to a friend “Yeh haath mujhe de de, Thakur” in mock Gabbar style? Or “Kutte, kamine! Main tera khoon pee jaaonga!”? Or “Jaani, yeh chaaku hai…”? Or or… “Khamosh!”? If you fall in the category, you are either lying (and a black crow will peck at you by [...]

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Four women-only days at the beach every week! A dream come true….for who exactly, creepy men or just some good eye candy for passersby, perhaps? Well, it’s actually just for the burkha-clad ladies in the city of Dubai! From today Dubai will offer two days a week each at two prime beach parks exclusively for [...]

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Sorry boys, you can't have all the fun.

The first Playboy club was all set to open in India, at none other than the official party place of the country—Goa. Six ‘bunnied’ beauties had been readied, all draped in an Indianised bunny dress. Candolim beach, where the club was set to open, was seen pumping some iron. Our Indian boys had booked their [...]

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We’ve all heard of, even if we’ve not actually been on, the Jurassic Park ride and the Transformers 3D ride. How about a Mr.India ride? No, it’s not a figment of my imagination, not any more. As of today, the Mr.India ride is officially open to the public. And you can access it without having [...]

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Already home to the world’s first undersea restaurant, Mauritius has now staked claim to being the location of the very first underwater spa in the world too. The spa, called LIME, is to be found at Huvafen Fushi, a super-exclusive and super-swish resort situated in the North Malé atoll of the Maldives islands. Reached via [...]

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From restroom to restaurant: Attendant Cafe

Have you ever eaten in the loo? Not even when you had to gobble that last pastry all by yourself hiding from your bully sister? Or, you have been grossed out at the sight of people taking their milk while on the pot? Would you come if I say I’d treat you to a delicious meal in [...]

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Justin Svoboda, Corrupt Tour, Prague 29/2/12

The laws of irony dictate no one in India could have possibly come up with this idea. The first corruption specialist tour company in the world, a look at the brighter side of sleaze behind the scenes. Corruption is mankind’s cultural heritage after all! Enjoy the Best of the Worst! When your tour guide says, [...]