Women Only Beach Days, but what’s the point?
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Four women-only days at the beach every week! A dream come true….for who exactly, creepy men or just some good eye candy for passersby, perhaps? Well, it’s actually just for the burkha-clad ladies in the city of Dubai!

From today Dubai will offer two days a week each at two prime beach parks exclusively for women — the Jumeirah Beach Park and the Al Mamzar Beach Park. No males aged above four will be allowed entry in either beach on the ladies-only days. Sunday and Tuesday have been designated as ladies-only in Al Mamzar, while Jumeirah Beach Park will observe the same on Monday and Wednesday. The Dubai Municipality Parks and Horticulture Department director Ahmed Abdul Kareem made the announcement.

We’ve all heard the stories of hot bodies under the burkhas. A good day to see them strolling around in their bikinis, you think? But alas, the department has also decided to allocate separate beach areas for tourists and local residents, apparently due to religious and cultural differences in using the swim wear. The women in burkhas will remain in burkhas! No more photo opportunities like the one above!

“We had got complaints, mainly from school teachers that their young students were swimming in areas were female tourists swim in their style of clothing. I hope this (move) will reduce complaints,” said Abdul Kareem.

Before this, the only ladies-only day was at Jumeirah Beach Park on Monday. After receiving feedback that suggested a requirement for more such days, the civic body announced its plan to allocate more exclusive days for women. The move is part of the civic body’s plan to make the leisure destinations more women-friendly to encourage them into more physical activities and keep fit.

“Now, instead of one ladies-only day in one Beach Park, our women customers have a total of four such days to choose from in two beach parks. We hope this will satisfy their needs,” said Abdul Kareem.

Considering the privacy request from the female customers, the municipality had decided to keep all-female staff and guards at these beach parks on ladies-only days.

We should try women-only days on the streets of Delhi. Makes more sense, what say??


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