September, 2013

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Is it a balloon? Is it a bounce house? It’s an inflatable concert hall! Performers go on tour, instruments go on tour, even stage sets go on tour, but a concert hall going on tour? That’s got to be a first! Not sure if it’s equipped to travel the world yet, but it’s ready to [...]

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This sounds like Charlie setting up his chocolate factory! Jackie Chan is gearing up to further delight us all. The Chinese actor has announced that soon he’d be opening a grand theme park in Beijing, China. Titled “JC World”, the park will showcase, in Chan’s words, “all my stuff” (Er…we really don’t want to read [...]

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The dream job for all couch potatoes is here! And the company offering it would add star value to your CV. This is no daydream. NASA really is offering to pay you a fortune for literally staying in bed all day long for its “Bed Rest Study” programme. And guess what, you can watch TV, [...]

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From tomb to tomb, I chew the ash of prayers. Won’t poetry happen to me?  ~ Agha Shahid Ali The incredible has been achieved. It took six years and 2,000 man-days of complicated repair work to restore the precious Humayun’s Tomb. But the work is done now, and you will witness the sparkling restored Tomb [...]

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Daocheng Airport

If you looked up a list of the world’s highest commercial airports, you will notice that the top 20 are dominated by South American countries and the People’s Republic of China. The world’s highest civilian airport opened its doors today, high up in a remote Tibetan region of the Southwestern Sichuan province. Ironically enough, the [...]

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jab we met

If you are a Windows 8 user, booking train tickets just became cakewalk[1] for you. IRCTC, always so concerned about the Indian passenger, has introduced a new booking app for Windows 8. The e-ticketing service which is available on their website will now be available to all users of Windows phone and Windows 8 devices. [...]

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kidzania kids

A simulated city with real-world establishments like banks and universities, with role playing options like pilot and policeman. This one’s for the kids, the parents sit this one out. The indoor park has opened on the 3rd floor of R City Mall, Ghatkopar West. It is a city built to scale for children, complete with [...]

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car pool

Fuel prices are soaring, the environment is being bombarded with pollution, public transport is a nightmare. How does one commute? Sign up for a social ride-sharing service! BlaBla Car, Britain’s largest car sharing company has come with a simple process that connects like-minded people so you can enjoy the perfect with higher comfort and lesser [...]

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Voicing a grievance and seeking out help in case something goes wrong on your holiday in Himachal Pradesh is only a matter of an SMS now. As easy as sending a Santa Banta joke through your phone. Visitors to the state can now SMS their complaint – regarding a travel agent, transport operator, a hotel [...]

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dubai taxi corporation

Are you a taxi driver in Dubai? If you are, this is one of the best times to be one! But in all probability you aren’t, but you should know that the ‘cabbies’ in Dubai just got a whole lot cooler. First of all, the taxi scene is pretty well organized and is presided over [...]