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By Shivangi On 26 Sep, 2013 At 06:38 PM | Categorized As Fests and Celebrations, International, Mixed Bag | With 0 Comments

Is it a balloon? Is it a bounce house? It’s an inflatable concert hall! Performers go on tour, instruments go on tour, even stage sets go on tour, but a concert hall going on tour? That’s got to be a first! Not sure if it’s equipped to travel the world yet, but it’s ready to [...]

By Shivangi On 7 Sep, 2013 At 01:28 PM | Categorized As Getting Around, International, Mixed Bag | With 0 Comments
dubai taxi corporation

Are you a taxi driver in Dubai? If you are, this is one of the best times to be one! But in all probability you aren’t, but you should know that the ‘cabbies’ in Dubai just got a whole lot cooler. First of all, the taxi scene is pretty well organized and is presided over [...]

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visa on arrival

Kerala has, without a doubt, established itself as one of India’s most coveted and preferred holiday destinations. Besides being the poster child, God’s Own Country is one of the top earners of revenue earners for Indian Tourism. And now they’ve found a way to draw in more tourists than ever before. How? The introduction of [...]

flying nanny

Accept it or not, managing babies is the hardest and most taxing thing to do. And it can get most intolerable when it’s on a 10-hour long flight, which is why the thoughtful Etihad Airways has introduced the Flying Nanny on board its long haul flights. Now I will not crack a lame joke on [...]

By Nishi Jain On 26 Aug, 2013 At 02:45 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, India, Mixed Bag | With 0 Comments

With the Delhi-is-unsafe-for-women bit firmly established, the popular trend these days is to come up with as many as possible ways to contain the crisis. From demands of public castration to separate ladies coaches in metro to a separate hotel floor, we have come a long way. The latest to enter this list is Delhi’s [...]

stand up

Richard Branson is always in the news. What to do…he is so full of surprises. The man is a magnet for everything hot and happening. So your flights have always been oh-so-boring. The same old movies being played on the mini screen, your much abused playlist buzzing on your headphones, an occasional announcement jolting you [...]

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A ship with a difference

You have always wanted to go on that fancy cruise across the ocean. Watch the setting sun against the shimmering golden sheet of water. But you never had the money. Or you were the kind who got seasick the moment the ship began rocking on the water. But the sea never failed to fascinate you. [...]

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pic 1

Warning: The following content contains sexually explicit images. Viewer discretion is advised. After reading the title, I am sure you don’t want to read any text. It’s the pictures you wanna see. Okay go see the pictures, and then resume reading. Now that you have a fairly good idea of what it is, let me [...]

By Nishi Jain On 11 Jul, 2013 At 04:40 PM | Categorized As Far-Out, International, Mixed Bag | With 0 Comments
death valley

Death Valley National Park in Eastern California is the hottest place on earth. A hundred years ago on 10 July, 1913, it saw the highest temperature ever recorded on earth. It was a deadly 57 degree Celsius. It still is burning hot out there. Period. How would you react to this bit of information? If [...]

By Nishi Jain On 26 Jun, 2013 At 07:16 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, Humour, International, Mixed Bag | With 0 Comments

The oldies used to play solitaire at work. The young play GTA. The smart worker books holidays. Yes, a study has revealed that one in every four people has secretly booked a holiday while sitting in office! I just hope my boss doesn’t read this. The study, separately commissioned by and Holiday Lettings, has [...]