July, 2012

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Ek Bhi Nahi Tha Tiger

‘Ek Tha Tiger’ may soon be the only ‘tiger’ one will be allowed the luxury of seeing up close, albeit in the huge wide screens of a multiplex.  In its latest move, the Supreme Court has banned tourism in the core areas of 41 tiger reserves in India, in order to strengthen the conservation  efforts [...]

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Paris Pedestrianised

Plans to pedestrianise one of Paris’ iconic stretches, the Left Bank of the River Seine, have been approved by the French Prime Minister. The 1.4 mile stretch between the Alma Bridge and the Musee d’Orsay will now be devoid of vehicular traffic, a move that may cause traffic jams in the rest of the city. [...]

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Of Space Flights and Stars

The next time your girlfriend asks you for the moon and stars, you’ll have something better than a dumb look and placating flowers to offer, with the Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Programme geared to launch its first space flight! Around 120 tourists have signed up for a two-hour trip on the SpaceShip2 (SS2)  aircraft to [...]

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Titanic Sets Sail Again

The Titanic will set sail again, voyaging down its original route from England to New York down the Atlantic ocean, if the whims of an Australian tycoon materialize. Clive Palmer, an Australian businessman has released his plans of constructing a modern-day version of the Titanic by 2016. Whilst the ship is set to look very [...]

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House Horse

While getting ready to leave for a vacation, one experiences many jitters. One of the very scary ones is the thought of leaving your pet back home. Separation anxiety for one’s pet is one of the most common problems that avid travelers have. Well, not in London. Pot-bellied pigs, miniature horses and monkeys could be allowed [...]

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For The Love Of Miniskirts

Who knew wearing a short skirt could save you a few bucks? Apparently it can! At least in China. The Guilin Merryland Theme Park, 62 kilometers northeast of Guilin city in southern China, has launched a summer campaign that encourages female visitors to “showcase feminine beauty.” The campaign, ‘Love Miniskirt’, as it has been christened, [...]

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Goa Beaches To Ban Smoking

Here’s a shocker for a lot of you party people out there. Following Haryana’s ban on hookah bars now comes the Goa government’s move to make the beaches completely tobacco-free from October 2012 onwards. Along with cigarettes, hookahs offered at the beach side bars and shacks will also be banned. The government plans to included [...]

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Coffee War Brews In India

With Starbucks, the world’s largest international coffee chain about to open its stores across India, Costa Coffee is now geared to up its game. The brand recently launched its 100th outlet in the country at Carter Road, Bandra (Mumbai). Costa Coffee added 100 stores in India in the past six years. However, their new strategy [...]

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Tale Of A Tub

Designed by her husband in the style of an Italian Renaissance Palazzo, this retreat holds some of the happiest memories of her royal marriage. Months were spent here soaking in the joys of motherhood and later, the solitary space of widowhood. This is where little princes and princesses spent long hours collecting seashells, building sand [...]

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Hobbit Planes To Hit The Skies

New Zealand, the established home of the Middle Earth will soon be taking the Tolkeinian experience one step further, and higher! Air New Zealand will be flying visitors  to Middle Earth on hobbit-themed planes. The launch  of this airlines will coincide with the release of the J.R.R. Tolkien-based films The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and [...]