Titanic Sets Sail Again
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The Titanic will set sail again, voyaging down its original route from England to New York down the Atlantic ocean, if the whims of an Australian tycoon materialize. Clive Palmer, an Australian businessman has released his plans of constructing a modern-day version of the Titanic by 2016.

Whilst the ship is set to look very similar to the ill-fated original, there are some changes in design mainly to improve fuel efficiency and navigability. The most obvious changes from the original Titanic would be below the water line, including welding rather than rivets, a bulbous bow for greater fuel efficiency and enlarged rudder and bow thrusters for increased maneuverability. The vessel will have the same dimensions as the original Titanic, with 840 rooms on nine decks as well as gymnasiums, swimming pools, libraries and restaurants.


The vessel would have the original nine decks plus an additional safety deck, complete with first, second and third class, officer and crew accommodation. The new safety deck will feature proper lifeboats, safety chutes as well as common public rooms. There will be escape stairs and service elevators as well, while one deck has been re-designed to provide crew accommodation, laundry and machinery.

White Star Line’s Titanic sank on its maiden voyage on April 15 1912 after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic, with more than 1,500 lives lost.



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