May, 2013

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everest crowd

When Edmund and Tenzing made to the top of the the world at 11:30 in the morning on May 29th, 1953, there was no one else and definitely no ladder! And the Sherpa-climber bond was intact, solid as the mountain itself. 60 years later and you could be stuck in a line to reach the [...]

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You are travelling by air. Your flight is late? You are feeling low? Had an argument with your spouse? The PUPs dogs are here to lighten up your day. Don’t be surprised if a cute furry dog wearing a jacket that says “Pet Me!” comes to you and rubs his nose against your leg. He [...]

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The Google homepage is something we all see and spend time with every day, and they have two new kickass features – conversational search and destination advice on top attractions. First up conversational search. Click on the microphone icon in the search box to speak your query using voice search. The surprise is that Google [...]

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cannes fest

We all know that the Cannes Film Festival is celebrating 100years of Indian cinema this year. And guess who’s making the most of it? No, not Bollywood, the Ministry of Tourism ! India seems to be the flavor of the season in the South of France this year. And we are going all out with [...]

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mittu chandilya

“Selected the CEO for AirAsia India. A very smart boy from the South, Madras. An amazing CV…will impress all.” So tweeted AirAsia’s group CEO Tony Fernandes sometime in March.  After more than a month of speculation, it has been revealed that Mittu Chandilya is coming home to change the way India travels and make it [...]

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  Yes, this is Richard Branson you see in the red skirt, high heels, and black net stockings. How far can you go to honour a bet? Propose a girl, fight with a random guy, act like a lunatic in public? No matter how much courage you might lay claim to, you cannot beat Richard [...]

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facial recognition

Get past immigration with a simple facial recognition scan, straight out of a sci-fi movie. Navigate automatic border control gates to get through immigration control in as quick as 7.5 seconds. Who SITA is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology. They work closely with every sector of the air transport [...]

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disneymymagic bracelet

Walt Disney World opens its doors to some 30million visitors every year. It’s not difficult to imagine the lines at the entry turnstiles, the rides, the unavoidable clumsiness of trying to handle money, credit cards, a hyper bunch of kids running in different directions, overcrowded rides; at some point it starts sounding like a nightmare! [...]

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You and your luggage would no longer have to sprawl all over the airport floor, on those long, unending layovers, if you happen to be at Abu Dhabi Airport at least. The airport has installed, what are referred to as ‘sleeping pods’ in two of its terminals, where bleary-eyed travellers and lie back and snooze [...]

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There is probably no one who hasn’t watched Disney cartoons as a child; who hasn’t rushed through homework to be able to watch the Disney show in the evening. We have all grown up trying to imitate Donald Duck’s quack(y) tone or Goofy’s chuckle. If you share the sentiment, there is much to celebrate and look forward to this [...]