Disney Ship is Back! Donald Duck, Here We Come!
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There is probably no one who hasn’t watched Disney cartoons as a child; who hasn’t rushed through homework to be able to watch the Disney show in the evening. We have all grown up trying to imitate Donald Duck’s quack(y) tone or Goofy’s chuckle. If you share the sentiment, there is much to celebrate and look forward to this year! If you don’t, you had a sad childhood, buddy. Kidding, you can then wait for a Tom and Jerry ship.

Disney Magic, the first ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, launched in 1998, is all set to sail again in October 2013. We can already hear the children roaring and raring. And the re-launch is as good as a complete makeover. There are some absolutely mind blowing added features and spaces that have been introduced.

Disney bonanza

For the kids:

The ride that will steal all hearts—young and old alike—is the AquaDunk water ride. It is a water slide alright. But one that is 37-foot-tall and zips down three decks! It extends till 20 feet over one side of the ship literally hanging over the ocean 100 feet below. And of course, it is translucent to allow you a thrilling view of the sea.

Oh and all you Marvel addicts have reason to rejoice. There is a Marvel’s Avengers Academy aboard the ship. This is the first time Marvel superheroes will share the same stage with our Disney characters on a Disney ship.

Does the term ‘nephews’ ring a bell? Yes, that’s Huey, Dewey and Louie—Donald Duck’s irresistibly cute and spirited nephews! You will find them in the Nephews’ Splash Zone, the water play area. There is also the Twist n’ Spout waterslide for the tiny tots.

For the adults:

And what will the kids’ parents do when they find themselves stuck in a Charlie-chocolate-factory kinda fantasy land? While their naughty kids are busy with Donald duck and his nephews, the parents can themselves get a little busy – naughty or not. Disney has taken care of that with the following attractions:

  • Fathoms, a night club
  • Key, a piano bar and lounge
  • O’Gills, an Irish pub and sports bar
  • Senses, a spa, will also have a Smile Spa for teeth whitening!

Methinks even those with no children or spouses would love a ticket aboard the Disney Magic. Hey, we wouldn’t mind reliving the Disney dream again. And by the way, who said only children had a copyright over Disney?

The ship is scheduled to take to the waters in October and will go cruising on the Caribbean and Bahamas till December. There are 2,713 passenger seats available, and bookings are open now. Hurry! You don’t want to miss the action, I mean, you don’t want your kid to miss the action.


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