January, 2014

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What all can you do with ice? Can you make it sing? Can you make music instruments out of it? Tim Linheart has done just that. He founded the Ice Music Project 15 years ago, and since then the sleepy, snowy town of Luleå, in Sweden, has been the site of  his incredible ice orchestra [...]

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A graphical representation of the soon-to-open Diagon Alley

Being a potter maniac, didn’t you always want to drink the butter beer, take a ride on the Hogwarts’ Express, and have your own vault full of gold at the Gringotts’ Bank? Muggles! All this is about to be true. You all have been accepted at the Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Come summer [...]

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I'm leaving on a seaplane...

Tourists visit Mumbai to see the queen’s necklace at night, to watch the towering Gateway of India on the coast, for the delicacies of batata vada and cutting chai, for a quick ride in the local trains. Well, the list just got longer. The city of dreams may soon have seaplanes flying over it!  The [...]

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Feathered beauties

So how many of you like to do bird watching? You know, just sitting with your buddies at cafes or restaurants and checking out girls, laughing and having a good time! Smiling are we? Well, in case you have forgotten the original meaning of bird watching, let us remind you that it involves observing the [...]

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Getting here would not be difficult now

They say that for every person who breaks your heart, there’s another waiting to fix it. Being the travel junkies that we are, we found new meaning in these words – for every country that rejects your visa on grounds ranging from vague to downright offensive, there’s a country kind enough to offer you a [...]

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self boarding

How many times have you found yourself standing in line at the airport, waiting to board your flight as you witness the usual cutting-the-queue antics of first-timers, encounter  ‘accidental’ nudges from the greasy-looking man standing behind you or develop a pressure to pee for the 17th time when you had just taken a leak? Singapore’s [...]