A Swedish Orchestra Where Ice Sings!
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What all can you do with ice? Can you make it sing? Can you make music instruments out of it?

Tim Linheart has done just that. He founded the Ice Music Project 15 years ago, and since then the sleepy, snowy town of Luleå, in Sweden, has been the site of  his incredible ice orchestra that is held every winter.


Tim Linhart with his ice guitar

For the last 15 winters, this Swedish town has hosted concerts where music is made out of ice instruments, or ‘icestruments’ as they are commonly called.  Counted among the rarest instruments in the world, these beautifully crafted ice violins and violas are so delicate in their construction that even the slightest change in temperature will cause them to melt. These instruments take little time to make, for ice is easier to sculpt than wood and metal. It is a wonder indeed to hear musical notes emitting beautifully from what looks like artfully sculpted ice.

“You might think the sound on a normal instrument is perfectly clear — until you hear an ice instrument and go, ‘Ah ha!’” Ice sculptor Tim Linheart told CNN.

Here’s a teaser of what’s in store for you:
[Video courtesy susannefilmer]

Of course, the repertoire of instruments has expanded over time to included cellos, string guitars, an ice banjo and even an ice xylophone! One might thus be inclined to believe that in the Swedish town of Luleå , they make music and magic with ice!

The town clearly believes concert halls and auditoriums to be rather passé , for its elaborate orchestral performances are hosted in an igloo! This igloo auditorium houses 170 people. These dreamy performances however are a seasonal treat. Come spring, the ice begins to melt, the instruments cannot hold and they come melting down!

The ice music performances will go on till April 6th this year, tickets for which can be booked at

So when you plan your Swedish holiday, don’t forget to look beyond the midnight sun and meatballs that the country is famous for. Take a little trip to Luleå. You will not be disappointed.


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