June, 2013

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bus mobile

The SmartPhone is a luxury of the financially stable, techno-savvy, urban Indian. We book movie tickets, make travel bookings, upload pictures and what not! Here comes a service for the Nokia user with no internet access on his phone - an SMS-based bus ticket booking service! Launched by MakeMyTrip and developed by txtWeb, this is [...]

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Not happy with the hotel room? The bedsheets are dirty. The view is not as promised. The staff is rude. Think you can’t do anything about it? You can. And it’s not just a consumer court where your grievances would be heard. Hell, who will go to a court (it’s not really one) for a [...]

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The oldies used to play solitaire at work. The young play GTA. The smart worker books holidays. Yes, a study has revealed that one in every four people has secretly booked a holiday while sitting in office! I just hope my boss doesn’t read this. The study, separately commissioned by and Holiday Lettings, has [...]

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As children, you squealed with delight when your opponent was bitten by a snake during a game of snakes and ladders. You did a little victory dance on the table when you won 2000 bucks as anniversary gift in Monopoly. Now you miss that? You dreamed of flying into space after watching Jumanji. You fantasized [...]


This title is no red herring! It doesn’t mislead. It’s true. You can now actually get a visa to Turkey in minutes. Before you read further, I suggest you sit down or hold something for support. The government of turkey has suddenly decided to become the most adorable nation in the world. It has launched [...]

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Ever had your luggage go missing at the airport? Do you often wonder whether the space behind the conveyor belt is actually a Black hole where your luggage disappears never to return back? Or imagine arriving to your destination with your luggage shipped away to some different continent! It’s the ultimate nightmare for any traveler. [...]

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Free Wi-Fi for Tourists in Taiwan

Are you an internet addict and fond of travelling too!? Travelers with a craving for Wi-Fi connection can now get a break from the usual cafés and coffee shops when in Taiwan. There’s good news for travelers worldwide as the Taiwan Tourism Bureau recently announced free Wi-Fi to tourists visiting this island nation!! Free internet [...]

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We have heard of voice commands, we have heard of touchscreens. Now comes gesture-control. Yes, a technology that functions on your gestures. No, it’s not a robot who will cook for you if you rub your hands over your stomach and feign a famished look—that kind of gesture-control is seen only in humans, and that [...]

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tripadvisor owl

As the undisputed leader of travel reviews in the world, TripAdvisor has established itself as the go-to site no matter where you’re planning to go. But what’s the most annoying thing about TripAdvisor? The almost unanimous answer is pop-ups from their partner hotel sites, and we all know that pop-ups can get really annoying. The [...]

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Good news for all those who are in love with their Wi-Fi. Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have launched satellite Wi-Fi service on long-haul flights. Yes, you heard me right. There will be internet on your flight now. They say we will be able to surf the web, respond to emails and send text [...]