January, 2013

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Dancers at the Goa Carnival

“Paris is always a good idea,” Audrey Hepburn is famously supposed to have said. And the same may very well hold true for Goa. Fabulously popular with tourists, both from India and outside, Goa’s beaches and party circuit have always attracted crowds and the place seems in no danger of loosing its appeal anytime soon. [...]

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rio D

Carnival in February, the FIFA Confederations Cup later this year, the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016; (or just Carnival) Brazil sure has a lot of hosting to do! Rio de Janeiro has beautiful sidewalks with black and white mosaics of waves, fish and abstract images. Mixing technology with tradition to provide [...]

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A devotee ducks into the Ganges

An event that has been billed the biggest gathering of people in the world, the Maha Kumbh began at Allahabad on January 14, with 8 million people turning up for the holy dip on the very first day. Held every 12 years, the Maha Kumbh, a pilgrimage that is several millennia old, sees people from [...]

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life of pi tourism campaign

After conferring two National Tourism Awards on the film Life of Pi last month, the Indian Ministry of Tourism has now decided to launch an entire campaign based on the motion picture. Looking to piggyback on the success and popularity of the Oscar nominated film, the venture, dubbed the “Land of Pi” campaign, intends to [...]

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Lo & Behold...

Most often draped in shades of green, they sometimes choose a hint of pink. The stronger ones, come clad in hues of purple and white, the red one; she’s most elusive of them all. They paint the night sky unearthly and surreal, the northern lights; this year you must befall. Similar to a sunset at [...]

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The festival is being organized jointly by the Pune Film Foundation and the Government of Maharashtra

With 10 successful editions in the past, the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) has steadily but surely gained its reputation and is now an event that attracts both practitioners and fans of cinema in big numbers. In its 11th edition this year, the festival began with much fanfare yesterday, the 10th of January, when it [...]

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Does the very term ‘package holiday/tour’ bring out your violent side? Have you ever wanted to be on the amazing race? Do you hate planning in advance? Do you feel that yearning for adventure in the depths of your being? If you answered yes to all, then NEXPEDITION is for you! Welcome to the next [...]

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Beyond the Imagination !

We’ve all played with LEGO bricks as kids, we built military headquarters and we built hospitals, farm houses and pirate ships. Hey, some of us still play with our little coloured bricks, the clay of the modern world! Then there was LEGOLAND, a chain of LEGO-themed theme parks. The parks’ rides are all Lego themed; [...]