July, 2013

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This is not a hotel; this is one big party. The Sol Wave House, which opened on the beach of Magaluf in Spain in 2012, is a revolutionary concept. It connects all its guests through twitter. And provides them ample opportunities to mingle. As simple as that. And now it has got even better with [...]

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GB cover

Hollywood is most popular in the area of making millions off of the birth of a celebrity baby. But George Alexander Louis is not just celebrity, he enjoys royal status. And it’s not his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but rather the British Tourism Ministry that’s cashing in on this royal birth. The [...]

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You have been fooled with!

You read a glowing review of a hotel or a restaurant on TripAdvisor. You decide to visit it on your vacation. You manage to arrive at the mentioned address after climbing a mountain, swimming through a river, anticipating a top class property considering the toil you had to undergo.  And wham! What you see there [...]

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A ship with a difference

You have always wanted to go on that fancy cruise across the ocean. Watch the setting sun against the shimmering golden sheet of water. But you never had the money. Or you were the kind who got seasick the moment the ship began rocking on the water. But the sea never failed to fascinate you. [...]

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respect women badge

The black spots are always the most jarringly visible and also the most difficult to rid of. Education, bridging the gender divide, addressing the conflict of culture, all take time and effort; awareness is only the beginning. Since December, 2012, women tourists have been avoiding India for obvious reasons, the number reduced by 35% in [...]

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pic 1

Warning: The following content contains sexually explicit images. Viewer discretion is advised. After reading the title, I am sure you don’t want to read any text. It’s the pictures you wanna see. Okay go see the pictures, and then resume reading. Now that you have a fairly good idea of what it is, let me [...]


You are travelling solo. You are all excited. But you are shit worried about the accommodation costs. You have browsed through all the couchsurfing forums—no one is ready to play host. Or the ones who are already have too many guests. You will have to stay in a hotel throughout your stay. Budget shaken? There’s [...]

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The Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Considering the amazing opportunities inside for shopping and other entertainment, most people choose to transit through Dubai as compared to other airports. Now, there’s one more reason to do so. New smart gates at will speed-up the immigration process to as little as [...]

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death valley

Death Valley National Park in Eastern California is the hottest place on earth. A hundred years ago on 10 July, 1913, it saw the highest temperature ever recorded on earth. It was a deadly 57 degree Celsius. It still is burning hot out there. Period. How would you react to this bit of information? If [...]

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Imagine you are travelling by a train in Germany. Pin-drop silence. The passengers in your compartment are either sleeping or reading or staring idiotically in front of them. You lean your head against the train window and close your eyes. Suddenly your hear voices. Clear distinct human voices. Don’t get all shaken up. You are [...]