October, 2013

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You would soon be able to take a road trip from India into Burma, Thailand, and eventually to Cambodia and Vietnam! Come 2015, and the Indian government, in collaboration with its Burmese counterpart, will complete a highway connecting Guwahati to Bangkok, passing through Mandalay and Rangoon in Burma (Myanmar). Pinch yourself, it’s true. [Er...we are [...]

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The helium balloon, the parachute, and then you!

And I fall into nothing Forever jaded And I hold onto nothingness Dissolving my senses                                                           —Into Eternity Get ready for a truly out of the world experience. World View, an Arizona-based space tourism company, will soon [...]

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"The remote controlled Tourists"

You can try on a shoe for size before buying it. You can try a dress on to see how well it fits before you buy it. You can even live with your partner for a trial run before you actually take the plunge. But it’s impossible to test a city before you visit it, [...]

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Copy of DUBAI MALL.AUG2010.1

Dubai is all set to get unbelievably cooler. Soon, high speed Wi-Fi will be available across the city. Yes, the entire city will become your Wi-fi playground. The move is part of the Smart City project that was launched by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of UAE [...]

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Flight prices are always high during the festive season, making money off people’s sentimentalities of spending the holidays with family and friends. Same goes for spiked up hotel prices when an event or festival is happening nearby. Our very own Goa gets expensive in December with Sunburn and Christmas-New Year break, so one can only [...]

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Imagine if Google Street View, Burp, Zomato all got together to give you a complete what-where-when of your city? As you browse through 3-D views of the streets of Saket, pop-ups on the left tell you about the best Chinese restaurant around. Click Chandni Chowk and you get to know where the walking tours are [...]

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This could very well be you !!

Yes we are talking about the father of our nation, the Mahatma, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. An innovative travel experience where you can live the life of Gandhi for the duration of your holiday. This is the latest from Maroon Migrates, in association with Gujarat Vidyapith. Aptly called ‘Live Gandhi for a while’, this novel offering [...]

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It’s a well known fact Indian tourism has been heavily affected since December last year for obvious reasons. There have always been stray instances of women, Indian and foreign, but this one really took the issue global. What did we do? The Tourism Ministry made badges that said, “I am Indian. I respect women.” That [...]

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Remember the Hindi phrase: “Pairon tale zameen khisakna”? (The earth disappearing from under one’s feet?). Well, now that will literally happen to visitors at Mumbai’s Adlabs Imagica entertainment park. The brand new amusement park has launched India’s first floorless roller coaster. Yeah the kind of bad boys we only saw in photographs. Certainly not for [...]

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Inside the taj

Never visited the Red Fort? The Qutub Minar has always been a distant black and white illustration from your old history textbook? You’ve only ever seen the Taj Mahal as the backdrop of romancing film stars? Nothing can beat getting off that ass and taking a trip, but this is the next best thing! From [...]