The World’s first Remote-Controlled Tourists explore Melbourne
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You can try on a shoe for size before buying it. You can try a dress on to see how well it fits before you buy it. You can even live with your partner for a trial run before you actually take the plunge. But it’s impossible to test a city before you visit it, or at least it was up until now! The State Tourism Board of Victoria shows us how it’s done.

“The remote controlled Tourists”

They call it the ‘Melbourne Remote Control Tourist’. This innovative concept allows would be visitors to explore Melbourne virtually by directing real people on adventures in and around the city; all of it captured and streamed online in real time.

How it works?

It basically involves four people on bikes responding to requests from potential tourists via social media to explore various parts of the city. And that’s why they’re named the remote controlled tourists, even you and I can tell them what to do. The activities and adventures of the Melbourne Remote Control Tourists were suggested by the public at using social networking sites.

All Set

Their travels were captured and transmitted through helmet mounted cameras and microphones, GPS and some mobile live streaming technology.

They’ve visited popular tourist attractions such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Federation Square. They have also been asked to dance, talk to and hug strangers, and even free the lobsters from a seafood restaurant.

The Response

“People from over 158 countries and 3,888 cities checked out the website during the five days attracting more than 103,000 hits and over 150,000 visits to YouTube videos so far.

“Since its launch, the Melbourne Remote Control Tourist has attracted a global audience, even though it was primarily aimed at Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand and the initial results have been extremely encouraging,”

Louise Asher, Minister for Tourism and Major Events


This is the first tourism campaign of its kind in the world. Positive sentiment for the campaign in social media was exceptionally high at 96%. The extensive international media coverage for the uniqueness of the campaign has also been a great advertisement for Melbourne.

They tried everything !!

From indulging at the latest restaurants, cafes and bars, exploring the hidden laneways, rooftops and basements, undertaking fashion and shopping missions, or taking in one of many sensory arts experiences - the public chosen adventures showcased the depth of varied experiences available in the city, providing plenty of holiday inspiration.

We think Australia should put this one up as well for their Best Job in the World Campaign, what say?!


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