No Bunnies for the Boys – More wait for Playboy in India
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The first Playboy club was all set to open in India, at none other than the official party place of the country—Goa. Six ‘bunnied’ beauties had been readied, all draped in an Indianised bunny dress. Candolim beach, where the club was set to open, was seen pumping some iron. Our Indian boys had booked their dates, waxed their chests, and scheduled their ‘business’ meetings in Goa.

Sorry boys, you can’t have all the fun!

But the poor boys have all the reason to be crestfallen as Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar recently announced that Playboy’s application has been rejected. Reason: the club had applied for a ‘beach shack’, and shack licenses are issued only to individuals. Now now, don’t you start crying, boys. Experts and hopefuls suggest that now all PB needs to do is to apply as a ‘club’ and not as a ‘shack’, and voila, the bunnies can enter the Indian gardens! Behave guys! They are not yet here.

The affair with India hasn’t been too easy for the California-based naughty boy. Last year in November, when Playboy announced its plans to open clubs in India, starting with Goa, it faced vehement castigation from Indian moralists who came all out to defend Indian culture. One politician even threatened to go on a hunger strike. I wonder if he also plans to go hungry in protest of the rape of the 5-year-old girl in Delhi.  

Hello honey bunny…

Anyway, Playboy decided to do a cover-up job on the leggy bunny beauties as desired by our dear unclejis and auntyjis. A customized Indian bunny dress was designed by US-based designer Mohini Tadikonda and the fishnet stockings gave way to silky drapes a la Draupadi-saree-style. But don’t worry; the bunnies are still as hot as ever. And they are all set to serve you chilled drinks on Candolim beach.

What now: Keep waxing your chest. Sooner or later, Playboy will gain entry into India. And we’ll let you know as soon as they do.

P.S: No bunnies were harmed in the writing of this article.


About - Nishi Jain spent five years studying English literature at Delhi University, at the end of which she realized 'all art is useless'. Another two years editing novels and writing newspaper articles, and shouting herself hoarse in street plays, she realized that erudition never got anybody anywhere. So, she took off and visited the four corners of India, came back, and announced that the best thing in the world was cheesecake. Now, she just writes, plays ping pong, and eats cake on the sly.

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