Fuenting Banned At Pamplona’s Bull Run
By Meghna On 25 Jun, 2012 At 08:20 AM | Categorized As International, Need to Know | With 0 Comments
One of Pamplona’s most popular trends has been brought to an end with the city council launching a campaign to discourage people from fuenting. No, ‘fuenting’ is not a particularly offensive cuss word or a deadly engagement in mortal combat. It is the act of climbing up the Navarrería fountain and jumping off it during the San Fermin festivities.

This practice has increased in the past few years with hordes of people vying to indulge in fuenting. However, frequent cases of injuries have forced to authorities to put up warning posters to dissuade visitors from this activity. A hefty fine will be imposed on dissenters.

Even without the pleasure of fuenting, the Pamplona Bull Run, which is to be held from 6th-14th of July 2012, remains one of the world’s greatest sources of adrenalin kicks! Bulls are released in the city streets and participants clad in red and white run alongside in the same direction.


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