Moscow Metros Now Accepting 30 Squats as Payment!
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As Russia gears up for the upcoming February 2014 Olympics, a certain Moscow subway station has found a rather peculiar way of getting into the spirit of things. For thirty squats, passengers can get a free ride on the metro!

Kitne hue?

A special squat censor has been installed on one of the ticket vending machines at the Vystavochaya station, which issues a free ticket if one manages to complete thirty squats or more in a span of two minutes. However, failure to complete this challenge means one has to pay 30 rubles as metro fare!

The Russian Olympic Committee has taken this step in collaboration with the Moscow Metro in order to bring people closer to sports and athletics and involve the population in the excitement of the upcoming Olympics. The attempt is indeed a unique means of promoting healthy living among people.

This censor-bearing vending machine was launched on November 8th, 2013 amidst great fanfare, with Olympic officials and athletes in attendance. Olympic champion gymnasts Alexei Nemov and Yelena Zamolodchikova were present and sportingly indulged in some squatting in order to demonstrate how the machine works!


The machine will be around till the 3rd of December, 2013. Though it is currently installed at just one station, expansion plans to other stations are under consideration. Videos of commuters attempting to squat in order to obtain free tickets have gone viral on the internet! Go check em out and have a few laughs.




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