Royal Rajasthan: World’s First Silver Museum
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The world’s first silver museum, ‘Splendour of Silver’, was inaugurated on 3rd March 2013 in Udaipur (yes, our very own City of Lakes), courtesy the efforts of Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar, the 76th custodian of the Mewar dynasty. Located in the Amar Mahal, at the entrance of the City Palace’s Zenana Mahal, it is a magnificent addition to the three other museums in the Palace.

Showcasing the grandeur of the Mewar dynasty, the museum displays a collection of silver objects of ritual and royal use. Among all the family heirlooms on display, one that stands out the most is the silver buggy which formed part of the dowry of Sriji’s mother, and was custom-made in Birmingham in the year 1939. The wedding mandap which Sriji had gifted his daughter a couple of years back is yet another heirloom that speaks of Rajput tradition and opulence.

Silver ride for the silver night: The silver buggy from 1939

Each artefact has a tale to tell, and together the collection gives a glimpse into the life and history of the royal family of Mewar. The political and cultural influences during the Rajput reign are well evident in the silverworks, especially in items like the gulabpash (rose water sprinkler) and the surahis (decanter bottles) which show traces of Mughal artwork.

Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar, who is chairman and managing trustee, Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, is known for his enterprising efforts in the preservation of the culture and heritage of Mewar, and this is just another feather in his cap, or turban, if we might say.


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