Snow and travellers descend on Gulmarg
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Having seen the season’s first snowfall on the 29th of November, the town of Gulmarg is now entirely clad in a blanket of snow and is drawing tourists in droves. A virtual Mecca for skiers, many of whom traverse the world to come ski on its slopes, Gulmarg has seen heavy snowfall in the last week, transforming the town and the pine-covered mountains around into a winter wonderland. For most of the tourists, the snow is a real attraction and reason enough to travel all the way to this corner in the north of the country. The sight of falling snow is novel as many have never experienced it ever before. “We are playing in the snow, making snowballs and throwing them at each other. This is the first time I am seeing snow. I am enjoying myself,” said Sneha, a tourist.

snow in gulmarg draws tourists

A ski lesson in progress on the slopes of Gulmarg

But besides these simple pleasures, there’s plenty to do for the more adventurous of the lot. Whether you’re a total novice when it comes to skiing or a pro, you’ll find a slope to whoosh down at Gulmarg. The gentle, easier or ‘bunny’ slopes as they are called are perfect for both kids as well as the kids-at-skiing to get some practice. But for those who take their skiing seriously, there are as much as two-kilometre long runs, which can be accessed after taking a ride on the cable car or gondola. The cable car ride, however, is a must do while you’re in Gulmarg, even if skiing is not on the agenda. The Gulmarg Gondola is ranked the second highest cable car in the entire world and takes you right up to the upper reaches of the Apharwat, offering some pretty amazing views of slopes cloaked in white. So, if you want to get some ‘snow action’ for yourself, it’s time to pack in those jackets and gloves!

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