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We’ve all been inspired to travel by books and movies. At some point, we’ve all wanted to visit Middle Earth and Hogwarts! New Zealand sure did a good of LOTR tourism and reped handsome benefits too. The latest to hop on to that bandwagon is epic TV series Game of Thrones.

Have you dreamt about learning archery at the Stark’s Winterfell, go horse riding to the high land of the Eyrie, visit Khaleesi’s Dragonstone or get a fine taste of King’s Landing?

Now you can! Get an inside glimpse in to George R R Martin’s fantasy world by visiting your favorite destination from the super hit series and have your mind blown!

Who has introduced this amazing tour?

Hopper’s Game of Thrones planner will be making it easy for you to find the nearest GOT location based on the nearest airport. The planner can also be filtered by houses, so you can check out all the Lannister locations or just visit places the Starks are connected to. If you have a favorite season, you can also search down your vacation destinations that way. Clicking on a particular location’s photo takes you to more information about the destination, along with visitor photos and reviews.

Where all can I go?

  • “Drangonstone”  also known as Downhill Beach in Northern Ireland
  • “North of the Wall” in Mývatn, Iceland
  • “Winterfell” located at Castle Ward in Ulster, Northern Ireland
  • “The Eyrie” at Greece’s Metéora
  • “King’s Landing” in Mdina, Malta
  • Many other places like Astapor, Qarth, Yunkei, The Riverlands are also on the list!

How does it work?

  1. Visit their site at
  2. Input your departure airport and the tool rounds up prices for each potential destination.
  3. Simply choose after that!

With the latest season coming to an end with the waiting of 10 months for the next one to start in April 2015, GOT fans can stop being sad and fly to their favorite destination!

Happy GOT themed holidays everyone!

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