Delhi, Mumbai ‘Cheapest Food Cities’ in the World!
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According to a new report released by Swiss Bank UBS, New Delhi and Mumbai are the ‘World’s cheapest cities for food’. The survey covered 72 cities from 58 countries, and put the two Indian cities at the bottom in terms of expense when it comes to food.

According to the survey, Tokyo’s the most expensive followed by Zurich and Geneva.

The food basket (used as measuring unit for quantifying expenses) composed of 39 different representative products. In Tokyo, the basket would cost 928 US Dollars, whereas in Mumbai and Delhi, the same baskets would be priced at 186 and 208 Dollars respectively, the Japan Times reported. When it comes to eating out in style, of all the Asian cities surveyed, Delhi, Manama and Manila came out be the least expensive. In any of these three cities, an evening meal in a nice restaurant would cost approximately only 18 USD.

The average global price of the food basket would be 424 US Dollars.

Even in terms of goods and services, according to the UBS report, Tokyo was the third most expensive city in the world, right behind Oslo and Zurich. Even in this list, New Delhi and Mumbai came out as the cheapest two cities!

The expenditure for the reference basket of goods in Oslo amounted to $4,573, almost 68 percent higher than the world average ($2,720) and three and a half times as high as in Delhi ($1,307), the cheapest city in comparison.


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