‘Hotel Near Me’ - Google Glass launches first hotel booking app
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A lot has been spoken and written about Google Glass; the travel industry definitely seems to be embracing it. And why nor right?! The first hotel reservation app for Google Glass is now open for public download from!

 “Wearable technology is going to revolutionize tourism in ways that we can only dream of today.”

 Destinia CEO, Amuda Gouelli

What is it all about and how does it work?

  • Once the app has been downloaded and installed on the Google Glass, it is ready to make hotel bookings.
  • The app quicklyfinds the closest hotel to the user, based on their GPS location.
  • The user can navigate through all the hotels by swiping the Glass, and filter them according to price.
  • By tapping on the Glass, the user can see more information about the hotel, such as photos, services offered by the hotel and its exact location.
  • Once the user has chosen an accommodation, they can use the Google Glass to make the reservation with

The coolest features

-          It is also possible to use voice commands instead of actual touch

-          Virtual tours of hotels will be available

-          The app will also provide directions is currently working on implementing a version of Hotel Near Me for Android and IOS smartphones. Google Glass is not yet available in India, but it will be soon, it is currently available at a cost of $1500. is an international online travel agency with offices in Spain, Egypt and Dubai and this app is currently available for download at their site.

Google has always been at the forefront for developing mind blowing cutting edge technologies and this is a neat example of that! Wearable technology like this is surely proving to be a plus point for travel and tourism companies, making it super easy for tourists to find their way around in a new city!

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