Put On Your Running Shoes! There’s a Marathon in Shimla!
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Yes, for real. Come 29 September and Shimla will look like a racing track. Men and women from all ages will be seen running on Shimla’s roads. It’s the Shimla Running and Living Half Marathon, now running in its fifth year.

This is one race even the laziest of us wouldn’t mind running. It is not a medal-winning marathon. On this one, you can actually stop to smell the flowers. There are loads of opportunities for runners to catch their breath on the way, click some I-am-running-but-I-am-not-tired-at-all pictures, and cheer other runners. The mountain air does some good to everyone. This is another good reason why you should go to Shimla.

Jointly organized by Department of Youth Services and Sports, and Running and Living Infotainment Private Ltd, the run is a good way to take in some mountain air in your favourite city, Shimla.

The route is obviously difficult as is any route on which you have to run. It’s the same as plunging into the sea after having swum in your backyard swimming pool.

The run starts from the Ridge right outside Aashiana Hotel. From there, it’s just Shimla’s beautiful Anglo-historic scenery.

There are four different runs on offer:

  1. The 6-km Who-are-you-kidding Run (for the laziest ones): From the Ridge, you run to the beautiful PeterH of Hotel, and then take a U-turn back to the Ridge.
  2. The 14-km Can-pass-off-as-a-runner Run
  3. The 21.1 km Hats-off Run
  4. The 24 km Half Marathon (If you finish this, let us touch your feet and take your blessings)

Good news for Himachal residents: they get a 25 percent discount. Plus, in all probability they will have better adaptability to uphill running. But let that not bog you down. You are on a holiday!

The D-Day: 29th September

Last day for registration: 31 August 2021

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