Chandni Chowk goes Global!
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Remember Natraj ke dahi bhalle in Chandni Chowk, the best dahi bhalle ever, where you’ve been going to for the last 25 years? And then there’s Panna Lal Tavinder’s store, from where your mum has been buying pickles, chutney and murabba since time immemorial? The iconic Chandni Chowk market was built in the 17th century and some of the businesses have been operating there for over 100 years. And you need a dilliwallah to help you navigate the never ending maze of gullies. Well, not anymore it seems!

Google India has successfully managed to accomplish the impossible. India’s oldest and biggest wholesale market is now accessible to users across the globe. As part of its ‘Get Your Business Online Initiative’, Google India & HostGator went to each shop in Chandni Chowk and built over 2,500 free websites for businesses operating from the market. This initiative was launched by the Union Minister of Communications & IT, Kapil Sibal.

Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director, Sales & Operations, Google India, said, “We really hope that this initiative will help us demonstrate the value Internet can bring to small and medium businesses and inspire merchants and enterprises in other markets to come forward to create free websites. The Internet is taking off in India and more and more users are looking for local information online, and efforts like these will go a long way in helping small and medium businesses get started on the Internet and gain from the Internet economy in the next few years.”

In addition to creating these websites, Google India has also launched a common website to provide a directory of businesses from Chandni Chowk. Speaking about the project, Pradeep Jain, spokesperson of the Kinari Bazaar Gota Zari Association of Chandni Chowk said, “This initiative from Google has provided all businesses with a professional website, which will now make it easier for customers to find us online and help us to grow our businesses.”


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