Singapore’s Latest ‘Avatar’
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Singapore has been working with tireless concentration towards becoming the botanical capital of the world it seems. The city’s ‘Gardens By The Bay’ project  at Marina Bay saw a marvelous addition to its collection recently in the form of Bay South. This waterfront garden houses towering ‘Supertrees’, a unique  concept here that could easily have been pulled out of the movie Avatar!

Supertrees at Marina Bay, Singapore

The Bay South Garden features 18 such trees which perform a variety of functions. Supertrees are steel and concrete structures with canopies like inverted umbrellas. A stupendous world of life exists atop these trees where exotic ferns, vines, mosses, orchids and other plants thrive. There will also be an elevated walkway between some of the larger Supertrees for visitors to enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the Gardens. Fitted with environmental technologies that mimic the ecological function of trees, these solar marvels function as air ventilation ducts for nearby conservatories and collect rain water during Singapore’s frequent storms. Food and beverage outlets have also been planned atop the 50-metre structures. At night, the Supertrees come alive with lighting and project media.

Cloud Forest, a conservatory that replicates the cool and moist climate of the tropics is another fascinating aspect of this project. The entrance to this is a waterfall gushing down from a 35m high mountain.

This project points towards how Singapore is using environment as its focal point while developing its recreational sector.


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