The world’s first ‘Instagram Hotel’ & how you can get a free night’s stay
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Are u on Instagram? Check. Do you have 10,000 followers? Check. Congratulations! You are now eligible for a free night’s stay at Sydney’s 1888 Hotel, the world’s first ‘Instagram Hotel’. Not on Instagram? Neither am I, but as good a time as any to sign up me says.

The 1888 “Instagram” Hotel

What exactly is an ‘Instagram Hotel’?

Feeding off the popularity of the photo sharing app, the idea is that nearly every angle of the property provides a photo opp for Instagrammers. A light-filled, five-story atrium — complete with an indoor tree — to freestanding bathtubs and recycled timber desks in rooms; it does live up to the idea. It has has two screens in reception displaying a constantly updated feed of images guests have uploaded to Instagram using the #1888hotel hashtag.

The 1888 also features a dedicated “selfie space,” where guests can pose for photos behind a gilt-edged frame. Insta-walk maps are available from reception, taking guests to Instagrammable sights such as the Pyrmont Bridge, Darling Harbour and Chinese Gardens.

“So many people are on Instagram and so many people love taking photos and sharing them,” says Fischmann. People are taking images wherever they go and sharing them with their friends, so we thought we’d play on that a little bit with things like the ‘selfie space’ and the monthly competitions.

-          Paul Fischmann, CEO of 8 Hotels, which owns 1888

Selfie Space

They usually follow the people who follow them. There are apparently a lot of people with more than 10,000 followers. They once hosted a guy with 650,000 followers. He took a photo in the selfie space which got 35,000 likes. Reaching out to 35,000 people at no extra cost,

“What’s been fun is following the people who have started following us. There are actually a lot of people with a lot more than 10,000 followers – we had a guy here who had 650,000 followers, and he took a photo in the selfie space and had 35,000 likes. It’s amazing to think about the reach of it and it’s fun to watch.”

The hotel provides in-room media hubs in all rooms so after a day of hardcore Instagramming, you can connect your smart phone to a 40-inch LED TV and review images. And of course, there’s Wi-Fi 24×7 to upload images. Each of the 90 rooms also features an iPad, that you can use to order room service, control air conditioning and view staff recommendations for nearby bars and restaurants.

Fun Trivia

1888 is not just the year the place was built; it’s also the year that Kodak patented its first box and roll cameras.

Every month, the guest who posts the most creative shot also gets a free night’s stay.


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