World’s First Robot Theme Park!
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After the news about the magical Harry Potter theme park in Florida, South Korea is all set to open another theme-based park – Robot Land!

The world’s first ever robot theme park will bring the Will Smith movie I, Robot to life with talking machines and artificial intelligence.

Predicted to have its grand opening in the year 2016, Robot Land will have family-oriented fun rides, attractions, waterpark and hotel and on the other hand offer a great deal to graduate schools for robotics, R and D labs and also a residential complex.

An artist’s design of the Robot Land

This hi-tech amusement park will offer:

  • Robot Kingdom – It will have a Robot gaming arena as well as a workshop that will demonstrate how robots will be used by the year 2030 -  in assisting seniors with housework, medical check-ups, and disease prevention.
  • Robot City - Here, visitors can have a go on water rides and go-karts and enjoy a visit to the robotic fish aquarium, which will replicate marine life by a robot form.
  • Kidbot Village – This will include a flying robot coaster, a Ferris wheel, a Bot Bounce jump ride, a merry-go-round of robot animals and an education center.

Although the opening of Robot Land is a couple of years away, a great amount of creative thinking is being put into its promotion. The famous Android game Subway Surfers has introduced its latest city as Seoul and it’s designed all around robots. Also, the grand opening of the park will feature in a special episode of the TV series Strip the city.

Let’s hope that this super tech amusement park opens up its doors soon and get us all awed by its coolness!

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